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Leah Sharibu was among the abducted 109 girls of the Government Girls Science and Technical College, Dapchi in Yobe State. The girls were abducted by the terrorist group, Boko Haram on February 19, 2018. Leah Sharibu who was aged fifteen at the time of the abduction in March 2018 turn 16 today, Monday. While 104 abducted girls were released to their parents, Leah Sharibu was held back by the captives because she refused to renounce her Christian faith.
“Monday, May 14 , 2018, our daughter, Miss Leah Sharibu , will be 16 years . If she were here with us , we would have been celebrating her 16 th birthday with her . “She is not with us and all we can do is fast and pray for her as a family and I want to appeal to all Nigerians and other concerned people around the world to help us pray for her safety wherever she is and for her return as well. “President Buhari seemed to have forgotten about Leah but we know God who brought her forth will not forget her . We believe that God is keeping watc…


Babies who are born by caesarean are 50 per cent more likely to be obese before the age of five, research has found. They are also more likely to suffer asthma during childhood, while their mothers face greater threat of future miscarriage and infertility .

A review on the long- term risks of Caesarean sections, which looked at 79 large scientific studies, found that an average of 9.2 in every 100 babies born naturally were obese before the age of five .But that rises to almost 14 out of every 100 babies for those who were born by caesarean.
This 51 percent increased risk could be because babies surgically removed from the womb are not exposed to important bacteria as they would be if they had passed through the birth canal. Without it, their metabolism and their body ’s ability to store fat may be affected .

The study was published in the journal PLOS Medicine. Dr Sarah Stock, who was co -author of the review from the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health at the University of Edinburgh, said : “Although we cannot conclude that caesarean delivery causes certain outcomes, pregnant women and clinicians should be aware that caesarean delivery is associated with long- term risks for the baby and for subsequent pregnancies.
“The significance that women attribute to individual risks and benefits is likely to vary , but it is imperative that clinicians take care to ensure that women are made aware of any risk that they are likely to attach significance to. ”Babies born by caesarean were nearly 20 per cent more likely to have asthma before the age of 12. Asthma rates rose from around 3.05 in 100 babies born naturally to 3.65 in every 100 who had C -section births. This may also be due to missing out on bacteria in the birth canal, which can protect against the allergies which cause wheezing and breathlessness.The review shows women who have had caesareans are about a third less likely than those who have had a natural birth to fall pregnant again .This infertility may be caused by an injury or infection in the womb after doctors cut into it to remove the baby safely . Scarring of the womb could also explain a higher rate of miscarriage among women who have had a caesarean.

And scarring could explain the 40 percent increased likelihood of ‘placental abruption’ – a condition where the placenta starts to come away from the womb wall before the baby is born, which can starve it of vital nutrients and stop the child growing properly. However , the study , which was published in the journal PLOS Medicine, also concludes that women who have a caesarean are less likely to suffer urinary incontinence or a pelvic prolapse.


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"Wilder is going to be getting a contract from us ASAP," Hearn said. "It's obviously the fight we want. There is a lot of sorting out to do for this fight, but great news that in principle he seems to be on board for the idea of coming to the UK for the fight. We're going to be dealing with it and we're going to be making sure he gets the relevant paperwork."

Wilder tweeted : "The $50M offer for him to fight me next in the U.S. is still available. Today I even agreed to their offer to fight Joshua next in the UK. If he prefers the fight in the UK, the ball is in their court. It's up to them to choose."

Not long after, we got a picture from Joshua on twitter with the caption "getting ready to rumble". Everybody assumes he is talking about the proposed fight that will turn reality soon.

Wilder's co-manager Shelly Finkel fed us some juicy bits, "We have agreed to the terms that Eddie has put out to us for a fight in the U.…


This Thursday, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will visit Ondo State for the inauguration of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, MSME, clinic in Akure, the state capital.
According to the Special Adviser to the Governor on Public and Inter-Governmental Affairs, Mrs. Olubunmi Ademosu, "The Akeredolu administration has always prioritised the people as a key point of his administration as all programmes that we have carried out have been evenly implemented. "We have also ensured that political influence is avoided with the commitment to facilitate a sense of belonging to residents. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Clinic will never be an exemption."  Ademosu said the required structures and processes that would ensure the success of the programme have already been put in place. According to her, that the state is targeting about 10,000 beneficiaries. She reinstated that, “owners of micro, small and medium enterprises are expected to focus on capacity building before accessing…